SCTP support for OpenSSH

Michio Honda micchie at
Sat Jul 21 00:06:33 EST 2012

Dear all,

I just subscribed too, 
The Linux SCTP implementation has recently supported AUTO-ASCONF with a default_auto_asconf sysctl parameter and setsockopt().    

- Michio 

> Dear all, 

> I just subscribed, therefore I can't answer inline the earlier messages... 

> The FreeBSD SCTP implementation (and I think also the Linux implementation) support 
> a feature called AUTO-ASCONF. If a node gets a new IP-address, or gives up one, 
> it is automatically added or removed from the association. So you don't need 
> to involve DNS in this. And you do not need to write OS specific code to deal 
> with local address changes. 

> Best regards 
> Michael

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