Modify $TERM from config

Chris Adams cmadams at
Wed Jun 27 04:40:32 EST 2012

The terminal programs (xterm, gnome-terminal, etc.) in Fedora have all
supported 256 colors for quite a while, so there's a proposal for Fedora
to switch them to using "xterm-256color" for $TERM.  One drawback would
be when you SSH to another host that doesn't have an up-to-date terminal
database and doesn't recognize "xterm-256color" (but does know "xterm").

I don't see a way to override $TERM for a particular host in
~/.ssh/config.  Also, it would really be better to be able to modify it
(rather than just override it), with some way to say "drop the -256color
suffix if it exists".

Any suggestions?  Would something along these lines be accepted by

I'd like to see this because I use "screen" a lot, and if it set $TERM
to "screen-256color", my SSH connections to my Juniper JUNOS routers
would be annoying (while they recognize "xterm-256color", they don't
know "screen-256color").

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