SSH from within OpenSSH

Ben Lindstrom mouring at
Fri Jan 11 18:00:25 EST 2013

You consider using socks proxy?

On your linux box do:

$ ssh -D 8080 user at win2k3server

Then in another window on the same linux box:

$ ssh -o ProxyCommand='socat - SOCKS4A:win2kserver:%h:21,socksport=8080' LANB-server

using:  as your ProxyCommand ?

I know OpenSSH supports SOCKS5 (use it all the time), but not sure about 4A, and my memory of that time is fuzzy around that conversation.  Which means you may have to use SOCKS4  and use IP address for the LANB machines or /etc/hosts files or ~/.ssh/config  files to clean it up and define the machines.


host LANB-server
	ProxyCommand='socat - SOCKS4A:win2kserver:%h:21,socksport=8080'
	HostName IP.OF.HOST

Note this is completely untested by me.. I just know a few others have done things much like this in my circle. 

- Ben

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