PTY allocation?

Scott Neugroschl scott_n at
Wed Jun 5 06:23:00 EST 2013

It wound up being a brain-dead client that was asking for a terminal on
an SFTP session.
I'm still thinking about looking at the subsystem, and skipping the
terminal allocation for SFTP.

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> > Attempts to connect to that sshd via sftp are failing due to an
> > inability to allocate a pty.   I can't really see a reason that an
> sftp
> > session requires a pty.
> me either.
> > Is this addressed in later versions?
> Requesting a tty is a function of the client, not the server.
> > Should I patch my system to avoid even trying to allocate a pty for
> an sftp session?
> maybe.  which client software are you using?  OpenSSH has the
> RequestTTY option, but it looks like the default of "auto" doesn't
> request one with sftp sessions.
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