Call for testing: OpenSSH-6.2

Philip Hands phil at
Fri Mar 15 20:21:17 EST 2013

Damien Miller <djm at> writes:

> So, did all the portability issues get sorted out here? AFAIK there was
> something to do with Solaris that was lingering...

The current state is that the solaris branch still doesn't work because
the solaris version of getopt doesn't take options.

There was a suggestion of detecting at the start of the script whether
one is on an ancient shell, and if so then exec ksh or some other better
shell to allow the script to work unmolested, but the it looks like I
need to use getopts rather than getopt too (as solaris getopt doesn't
like options).

I was planning on getting a solaris VM image so that I can test this
stuff today.

Cheers, Phil.
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