sshfs -o rellinks (module option) rejected by fuse

Charles c at
Thu Mar 21 18:50:25 EST 2013

New to sshfs and new to this mailing list so please guide me if required.

Is this a bug?  When sshfs is given option -o rellinks, it responds with
    fuse: unknown option `rellinks'
According to my understanding of the sshfs man page and --help output
this option a) is valid and b) should be passed to the module, not to fuse.

SSHFS version 2.4
FUSE library version: 2.8.5
fusermount version: 2.8.5
using FUSE kernel interface version 7.12
OS: Slackware64 14.0

Incidentally, I'm thinking of making two sshfs documentation enhancement
requests. But are they based on misconception?  They are:

1. Mount options.  In the sshfs general options, mount options (-o
opt,[opt...]) documentation, additionally specify which options are

Rationale: sshfs rightly does not support all the mount man page's
"FILESYSTEM INDEPENDENT MOUNT OPTIONS" and the mount man page does not
have a section for sshfs.  There is thus no documentation to tell the
sshfs user which mount options are available.  For example I found by
experiment that noatime is accepted but nodiratime and noiversion are not.

2. Command path completion.  Add a note in the documentation that this
does not work.  For example when the user types cd <sshfs mount point>/
then tab and tab, nothing is listed as it is for the usual file systems.

Rationale: this is not customary behaviour.  Nice for there to be no
surprises for the user who has read the documentation.  Nice for the
user who finds and investigates unusual behaviour to have it confirmed
as normal in the documentation.

Best, Charles

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