sshfs -o rellinks (module option) rejected by fuse

Iain Morgan imorgan at
Fri Mar 22 03:11:32 EST 2013

On Thu, Mar 21, 2013 at 02:50:25 -0500, Charles wrote:
> New to sshfs and new to this mailing list so please guide me if required.
> Is this a bug?  When sshfs is given option -o rellinks, it responds with
>     fuse: unknown option `rellinks'
> According to my understanding of the sshfs man page and --help output
> this option a) is valid and b) should be passed to the module, not to fuse.
> Versions:
> SSHFS version 2.4
> FUSE library version: 2.8.5
> fusermount version: 2.8.5
> using FUSE kernel interface version 7.12
> OS: Slackware64 14.0
> Incidentally, I'm thinking of making two sshfs documentation enhancement
> requests. But are they based on misconception?  They are:
> 1. Mount options.  In the sshfs general options, mount options (-o
> opt,[opt...]) documentation, additionally specify which options are
> available.
> Rationale: sshfs rightly does not support all the mount man page's
> "FILESYSTEM INDEPENDENT MOUNT OPTIONS" and the mount man page does not
> have a section for sshfs.  There is thus no documentation to tell the
> sshfs user which mount options are available.  For example I found by
> experiment that noatime is accepted but nodiratime and noiversion are not.
> 2. Command path completion.  Add a note in the documentation that this
> does not work.  For example when the user types cd <sshfs mount point>/
> then tab and tab, nothing is listed as it is for the usual file systems.
> Rationale: this is not customary behaviour.  Nice for there to be no
> surprises for the user who has read the documentation.  Nice for the
> user who finds and investigates unusual behaviour to have it confirmed
> as normal in the documentation.

Although some on this mailing list undoubtedly use sshfs, you should
really be posting your question to a list specifically for sshfs. This
list is for OpenSSH and only deals with sshfs in the context of
occasional feature enhancements to sftp-server.

Iain Morgan

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