SSH completely locks up if you have a NOT PERFECT con

Anonymous anonymous at
Fri Aug 29 02:20:29 EST 2014

This is a SSH BUG !

The problem is programmers who say things like this: "disconnection is the responsibility of the TCP stack" or "TCP layer 1 should take care of that".

TCP will close and SSH doesn't seem to notice, I am really tired of it getting stuck. I kill it and immediately re-connect and all is OK, so how did TCP save me? IT DOESN'T - layer 1 2 3 4 5 whatever failed because YOU didn't do your part!

Programmers: Ap level stuff knows when to time out not TCP, so you need to send a RST to the TCP stack so it will try to re-establish the connection or something!!! A few missing packets and you are screwed! I AM REALLY TIRED OF BAD PROGRAMMING assuming that some other layer is going to do everything for you. It's not a perfect connection world.

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