SSH completely locks up if you have a NOT PERFECT con

Aris Adamantiadis aris at
Sun Aug 31 04:46:11 EST 2014

Network session stability is responsibility of layer 4 - That's why
these things are split in layers, so you don't have to reimplement all
functionalities (badly) on every layer. Read about OSI layers.
OpenSSH does not implement the TCP stack and the magical settings you
ask for are not provided by the OS.
Forward your bug to Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft or to the dev team of
whatever OS you didn't even bother to mention.

Or use mosh, which is designed to continue working even when changing IP

I would change my tone if you expect more than a patronizing answer like
this one.

Le 28/08/14 18:20, Anonymous a écrit :
> This is a SSH BUG !
> The problem is programmers who say things like this: "disconnection is the responsibility of the TCP stack" or "TCP layer 1 should take care of that".
> TCP will close and SSH doesn't seem to notice, I am really tired of it getting stuck. I kill it and immediately re-connect and all is OK, so how did TCP save me? IT DOESN'T - layer 1 2 3 4 5 whatever failed because YOU didn't do your part!
> Programmers: Ap level stuff knows when to time out not TCP, so you need to send a RST to the TCP stack so it will try to re-establish the connection or something!!! A few missing packets and you are screwed! I AM REALLY TIRED OF BAD PROGRAMMING assuming that some other layer is going to do everything for you. It's not a perfect connection world.
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