Regarding the optional OpenSSL integration for the portable version

Peter Stuge peter at
Mon May 5 09:45:02 EST 2014

William Ahern wrote:
> > I encourage you to raise at lkml the need to have a dev-less random data 
> > source, though.
> They tend to ignore unknown people on LKML. I once submitted a bug report

So you sent a bug report to a mailing list (instead of the bug tracker) and
from the lack of responses you infer that everyone who is unknown is ignored?

That doesn't make any sense. Report bugs in bugzilla and discuss on the list.

I'm sure you'll have a better experience that way.

I too think it would make sense to discuss this issue on the list.

I think you should also make sure to include the appropriate kernel-side
maintainers in Cc, so that they will participate in the discussion from
the start.

> I'll also try contacting Red Hat, and inquire with the Debian and
> Ubuntu folks to see if they intended to change their configuration.

I'd suggest that you start by asking them how they view the situation,
rather than starting by assuming that they should change anything.


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