Regarding the optional OpenSSL integration for the portable version

Petr Cerny pcerny at
Fri May 9 20:13:14 EST 2014

Peter Stuge wrote:
> William Ahern wrote:
>> > I encourage you to raise at lkml the need to have a dev-less random data
>> > source, though.
>> They tend to ignore unknown people on LKML. I once submitted a bug report
> So you sent a bug report to a mailing list (instead of the bug tracker) and
> from the lack of responses you infer that everyone who is unknown is ignored?
> That doesn't make any sense. Report bugs in bugzilla and discuss on the list.
 > I'm sure you'll have a better experience that way.

Actually, for the Linux kernel the right way to do it is through a 
mailing list indeed, although not the general LKML. See the MAINTAINERS 
file in kernel source tree.


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