[PATCH] Optionally allow pam_setcred to override gid

Ryan Cox ryan_cox at byu.edu
Tue Apr 14 03:54:50 AEST 2015

I would like to allow pam_setcred/pam_sm_setcred to override the gid 
that is normally set for a user.  Currently the openssh code calls 
do_pam_setcred then it sets the gid to the user's gid as listed in 
/etc/passwd, LDAP, or whatever regardless of what the pam module set it 
to.  I would instead like a pam module to be able to set the gid with 
setgid() and not have it overwritten by openssh.

I wrote a patch that does just that by comparing getgid() before and 
after calling do_pam_setcred.  If the gid changes it sets pw->gid to the 
new gid, which is used in later functions.  I don't know if this is 
considered the proper way to achieve that behavior in a safe way but it 
seemed logical to me.  The behavior is optional; PermitGidOverride=no is 
the default.

As for the reasoning, this is for a scheduled environment using Slurm.  
I am developing a pam module that "adopts" ssh processes into the 
appropriate batch job on the node.  Users can launch jobs via Slurm that 
run with their gid as one of their supplementary groups.  As part of the 
adoption of the ssh process, I would like to set the ssh process's gid 
equal to that of the job it is being adopted into.

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