[Compile Issue] netcat.c on HP NonStop

Randall S. Becker rsbecker at nexbridge.com
Tue Apr 14 05:34:26 AEST 2015


I am porting the openssh-portable 6.8 release to the HP NonStop (NSE)
platform. Prior versions were no real problem, with minor tweeks. However,
with the inclusion of regress/netcat.c, which depends on arpa/telnet.h, we
have an issue. Unfortunately, the platform does not have this file, nor
anything like it - telnet is done rather differently. We do have a version
of netcat (0.7.1 a.k.a. "really old") ported. Is there a reasonably
documentable way to configure the regression tests so that this dependency
is either not executed or uses an installed version?


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