ssh_config "database"/"sort"able format?

Hendrik Visage hvjunk at
Thu Feb 19 04:07:57 AEDT 2015

Hi there,

 I'm in a situation where some of my clients have all these obscurity
things with ssh, like putting it on a different port, or a different
user to login for this specific host not mention several don't have
proper DNS names and and and. Life is to short to debate it with the
client so rather get in line, use ssh_config, and continue to serve
the client.

 However, now I have the case that the ssh_config file on the desktop,
is out of sync with the laptop, is out of sync with the jump is out of
sync with the helping hand and generally it's out of sync. Yes,
considering git/etc. but still, I'm stuck with some specific other
settings that's different from the laptop from the desktop etc.

Now my first solution would be: sort < ssh_config > laptop.conf; diff
latop.conf desktop.conf, but the file layout just doesn't work with
that :(

- Is there anybody that see a value in a format/parser/matcher for
ssh_config files to be able to merge/"diff"/sort these files?
- Any other ideas/solutions I could consider to manage these ssh_config files?

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