pkcs #11/hardware support for server keys/sshd?

Mike Tancsa mike at
Fri Dec 16 01:21:55 AEDT 2016

On 12/15/2016 1:45 AM, Kenny Simpson wrote:
> yes, I found this after getting clued into HostKeyAgent.
> Any updates since the post, or has it Just Worked ever since?

It just works.  Its a pretty low volume site and restricted to certain
networks only. If it were internet facing, I would probably put some
sort of port knocking in front of it as these keys tend not to be the
fastest and bots brute forcing might DoS it. I hadnt done any heavy load
testing. It easily survived my worst case load tests so I didnt bother
going beyond that to see at what point it would break down compared to
storing the private key in a file.


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