Successful builds report for openssh-SNAP-20161221

Nelson H. F. Beebe beebe at
Thu Dec 22 09:00:13 AEDT 2016

Yesterday, after seeing and hearing a note about the need for more
OpenSSH testing in the most recent episode of BSD Now TV at

I fetched the latest snapshot (openssh-SNAP-20161221) from

repackaged it as openssh-20161221.tar.xz (so the basename of the
.tar.* file matches the directory into which it unpacks: please
consider making a similar change at your end), and started automated
builds in our test lab of 125+ flavors of Unix(-like) systems.

I've gone through the logs today, and found that 55 builds reported
"all tests passed": the successes were on these systems (CPUs are
x86-64, unless otherwise noted in parentheses):

	CentOS 5.11
	CentOS 5.11 (IA-64 (Itanium))
	CentOS 5.11 (x86)
	CentOS 6.8
	CentOS 7.3
	DragonFlyBSD 3.8
	DragonFlyBSD 3.9
	DragonFlyBSD 4.0
	DragonFlyBSD 4.2
	DragonFlyBSD 4.4
	Dragora 2.2
	Fedora 23
	FreeBSD 10
	FreeBSD 11
	FreeBSD 12
	GhostBSD 10
	HardenedBSD 11
	Kali 1.1.0
	Kali rolling 2016.1
	Knoppix 7.6.0
	LibertyBSD 5.9
	Mageia 5
	MidnightBSD 0.7
	MidnightBSD 0.8
	NetBSD 5.0.2 
	NetBSD 7.0.2 
	OmniOS 11
	OpenBSD 4.9
	OpenBSD 5.9
	OpenBSD 6.0
	OpenIndiana 11
	Oracle 7.3
	PCBSD 10.3
	PCLinuxOS release 2016
	PacBSD 11.0-BETA1
	Slackware 14.2
	Solaris 10
	Solaris 10 (SPARC)
	Solaris 10 (x86)
	Solaris 11.3
	Tribblix 0.18
	TrueOS (FreeBSD 12 relative)
	Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

When no O/S version numbers are listed, the O/S uses a versionless
rolling release model.  All systems in the test lab are kept up to
current software packages releases, usually at least twice a month.

In many of those, there are other versions of the O/S in our lab, some
on different CPUs (we have at least ARM, Itanium, MIPS 5K and 10K,
PowerPC, SPARC, x86, and x86-64) and I'm now about to investigate why
their builds of openssh-20161221 were not entirely successful.
Further build reports from me to this list may therefore follow.

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