certificates keys on pkcs11 devices

Manon Goo lists at manon.de
Wed Dec 28 13:51:44 AEDT 2016


I have not found any way to use a Certificate with ssh-agent when my Key is 
stored on a pkcs11 device. I can add my key with

ssh-add -s /usr/local/lib/opensc-pkcs11.so


ssh-add -s /usr/local/lib/opensc-pkcs11.so ~/.ssh/mykey-cert.pub

does not add the certificate to my agent. As far as I undestand,  in 
ssh-add.c line 580

	if (pkcs11provider != NULL) {
		if (update_card(agent_fd, !deleting, pkcs11provider) == -1)
			ret = 1;
		goto done;

does not check for additional (certifcate)-files files on the command line 
and update_card neither does.

Is there any intention to change this?

Thanks in alot,

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