SSH Closes Immediately After Opening

Wallace Forman wallace.forman at
Sat Jul 2 02:18:14 AEST 2016

Thanks all for the responses. I was able to get ssh working with cygwin.

Wallace Forman

On Thu, Jun 30, 2016 at 5:45 PM, Ángel González <keisial at> wrote:

> On 30/06/16 17:12, Wallace Forman wrote:
> Embarrassing to say, I'm really not sure what constitutes a "console" or
> "shell".
> The shell is the program that reads the commands you write and executes
> them.
> ssh doesn't run "cd"  It handles the secure layer, launches your shell and
> leaves you to communicate with it however you want. So for instance if your
> shell is cmd.exe you would list the contents of a folder with "dir", but
> use "ls" in bash.
> If after authentication sshd is not able to run your shell (errors reading
> the user profile, the shell is not executable, etc.), then it closes the
> connection, as you report.
> To explain what does and does not seem to be working:
> (…)
> 2) On computer 1, sshd is running, but when connecting with "ssh
> localhost" from the command prompt on that same computer, sshd seems to be
> accepting the password, but closing immediately (see output in previous
> messages).
> You can verify whether it is really accepting the password by entering a
> wrong one.
> 4) When I try to connect from computer 2 to computer 1 (from putty or
> command prompt), the session closes immediately, as when I try to connect
> from Computer 1.
> This is the same as #2
> Regards

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