UsePAM documentation clarification in sshd_config.

Ángel González keisial at
Thu Jul 7 07:04:31 AEST 2016

On 19/06/16 23:14, Peter Bisroev wrote:
> These configuration changes do result in the expected line from
> auth-pam.c in the logs. So if my understanding of this behavior is
> correct, would it be beneficial for other users to document that
> behavior in sshd_config and the associated man page for option UsePAM?
> Maybe remove the bypass of "PermitRootLogin without-password"
> statement in order to avoid confusion?
> It would also be helpful to mention the specific error line that can
> appear in the logs in order to explain to the user that the problem is
> not with OpenSSH itself but with the PAM configuration.
> Of course if I am missing something and my assumptions are incorrect,
> under what circumstances can the behavior describe in sshd_config
> manifest itself? Should a sample PAM configuration that can lead to
> such behavior be documented?
> What are your thoughts?

Hello Peter

Thanks for your analysis. You are probably right in that it is no longer 
possible, in
which case that comment should be changed.

As for mentioning the specific error message, I would rather change the 
generated line, ie.

index 451de78..3c410d2 100644
--- a/auth-pam.c
+++ b/auth-pam.c
@@ -766,12 +766,14 @@ sshpam_query(void *ctx, char **name, char **info,
                                 **prompts = NULL;
                         if (type == PAM_SUCCESS) {
-                               if (!sshpam_authctxt->valid ||
-                                   (sshpam_authctxt->pw->pw_uid == 0 &&
-                                   options.permit_root_login != 
+                               if (!sshpam_authctxt->valid)
                                         fatal("Internal error: PAM auth "
                                             "succeeded when it should 
have "
+                               if (sshpam_authctxt->pw->pw_uid == 0 &&
+                                   options.permit_root_login != PERMIT_YES)
+                                   fatal("PAM auth succeeded for root "
+                                         "but PermitRootLogin is not 
                                 *num = 0;
                                 **echo_on = 0;

In case someone else wants to misconfigure his system to test this:

PermitRootLogin no
PasswordAuthentication no
ChallengeResponseAuthentication yes

     auth    [default=ignore success=1] uid != 0
     auth    sufficient

$ ssh -oPasswordAuthentication=no -oChallengeResponseAuthentication=yes 
root at localhost


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