SBC's and ssh's encryptions

Peter Stuge peter at
Sun Nov 27 11:25:41 AEDT 2016

Gene Heskett wrote:
> the inside of the door .. two SBC's:
> I have tried running X on the raspi, but it hasn't enough memory or
> iron to do it well.

A GHz system with GB of RAM is certainly capable of running a
well-written GUI effortlessly.

> Running htop on the odroid, its not x but sshd thats the bottleneck
> thats causing the odroid to render at 3 or 4 frames per second

Why are you running X through SSH? Run X directly over the network
instead; that is literally what it is made for.

(Set DISPLAY on pi with odroid IP. Run xauth +pi on odroid. Start X
programs on pi.)

But again: I guess the real problem is somewhere else entirely.


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