PKCS#11 URIs in OpenSSH

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Tue Apr 25 03:37:40 AEST 2017

PKCS11 URI support is a very good thing to add.

I’d like the PRs separated – e.g., one for PKCS11 URI, and one for ALWAYS_AUTHENTICATE.


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    Hello all,
    as PKCS#11 URI became standard (RFC 7512), it would be good to be able 
    to specify the keys using this notation in openssh.
    So far I implemented the minimal subset of this standard allowing to 
    specify the URI for the ssh tool, in ssh_config and to work with 
    ssh-agent. It does not bring any new dependency, provides unit and 
    regress tests (while fixing agent-pkcs11 regress test).
    The code is on github and ready for comments/reviews (some details will 
    need to be adjusted):
    I will fill a bugzilla later. I would be grateful for your ideas, 
    comments or reviews for this feature.
    Other useful parts of RFC, that could be implemented would be a way to 
    provide a PIN or a PIN source for the token, other ways of providing 
    module-path (module-name).
    Jakub Jelen
    Software Engineer
    Security Technologies
    Red Hat
    openssh-unix-dev mailing list
    openssh-unix-dev at
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