Tag forwarded X11 connection as remote

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Sun Oct 8 13:59:51 AEDT 2017

On Fri, 6 Oct 2017, Michael Felt wrote:

> Dear all,
> This thread began before I was on the list. I am wondering if it is 
> relevant for my question re: why/how older versions of openssh 
> recognized the X11forwarding "attribute" - and a better place to be posting.
> Using Putty (and an "external Xserver program") as well as a another 
> "ssh client with built-in X11 service) and any version of openSSH prior 
> to OpenSSH-7.2 the DISPLAY is automatically set to localhost:10.0 and 
> x11 apps (e.g., xclock) work. OpenSSH-7.2 through OpenSSH-7.6 do not 
> (changing the version of OpenSSH is the only change).
> If this is not related to this thread - please disregard this comment 
> here. (I'll wait a day, and post again on my original thread).

It's probably not related to DRI3, but we can't tell what has gone wrong
without a debug log.


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