sshd can not run extended tests without specifying match rules

davidroman96 davidroman96 at
Wed Jun 6 03:22:11 AEST 2018


I was trying to use "sshd -T" to check my ssh configuration. In my 
sshd_config file I have some Match rules, which I don't want to test, 
according to sshd manual pages (version 7.7_p1) the Match rules don't 
need to be applied, it's optional: "Optionally, Match rules may be 
applied by specifying the connection parameters using one or more -C 

Also, in sshd.c line 1823 it creates a blank "connection info" which 
according to the comment, "will cause no predicate to match.".

But when I execute sshd -T, the next error is shown: "'Match User' in 
configuration but 'user' not in connection test specification.", 
obviously if I specify a value for user it works, but in my case I need 
to ignore Match rules.

Is it intended or is a bug? In the first case case, how can I ignore the 
Match rules?


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