OpenSSH & OpenSSL 1.1

rapier rapier at
Wed Jun 6 04:16:59 AEST 2018

Howdy all,

I know that the OpenSSH team has made a clear and well justified 
decision regarding interoperability with OpenSSL 1.1. I respect that 
entirely. That said, I've recently had to deal with a couple of users 
who had a specific set of requirements with building OpenSSH 7.7 using 
patches for OpenSSL 1.1 found in the slackware package. 

I found it annoying that this patch absolutely required OpenSSL 1.1 so I 
modified it to provide a single patch that will compile under OpenSSL 
1.1 as well as earlier versions. Mostly it's just a whole lot of 
#if/#else/#endifs to work with the different interfaces.

I'm not submitting this patch for inclusion into OpenSSH. I'm just 
providing it in case it might be of value to people in the community.

This patch passes all regression tests and seems to work pretty well. If 
you do get this please be sure to rebuild configure so it picks up the 
changes in

You can grab the patch here

Chris Rapier

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