OpenSSH socket forwarding in ssh_config file?

Christian Weisgerber naddy at
Sat Oct 20 07:22:39 AEDT 2018

Cameron Simpson:

> I don't mean TCP forwards but UNIX domain socket forwarding. I use 
> LocalForward extensively in my ssh configs for tunnels, but although 
> these command line options:
>     -L [bind_address:]port:host:hostport
>     -L [bind_address:]port:remote_socket
>     -L local_socket:host:hostport
>     -L local_socket:remote_socket
> work just fine for UNIX domain sockets, all my efforts with UNIX socket 
> file paths have met with failure in the ssh config file,

Looking at the configuration and argument handling code, I don't
see why they shouldn't work.  And some quick checks show them to
be working.

Are you confused about the syntax?  The LocalForward option requires
source and destination to be separated by whitespace, e.g.

  LocalForward /path/to/socket host:4711
  LocalForward /local/socket /remote/socket

> and the ssh_config(5) manual entry doesn't mention them.

This looks like an accidental omission.

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