OpenSSH socket forwarding in ssh_config file?

Cameron Simpson cs at
Sat Oct 20 09:14:59 AEDT 2018

On 19Oct2018 22:22, Christian Weisgerber <naddy at> wrote:
>Cameron Simpson:
>> I don't mean TCP forwards but UNIX domain socket forwarding. I use
>> LocalForward extensively in my ssh configs for tunnels, but although
>> these command line options:
>>     -L [bind_address:]port:host:hostport
>>     -L [bind_address:]port:remote_socket
>>     -L local_socket:host:hostport
>>     -L local_socket:remote_socket
>> work just fine for UNIX domain sockets, all my efforts with UNIX socket
>> file paths have met with failure in the ssh config file,
>Looking at the configuration and argument handling code, I don't
>see why they shouldn't work.  And some quick checks show them to
>be working.
>Are you confused about the syntax?  The LocalForward option requires
>source and destination to be separated by whitespace, e.g.
>  LocalForward /path/to/socket host:4711
>  LocalForward /local/socket /remote/socket

I'm an idiot. Reviewing my tests it seems I never tried a combo where 
both sockets have full pathnames - all my tests used a relative pathname 
for at least one of the sockets.

It is as you say: it works. Provided I use a full pathname for the 

>> and the ssh_config(5) manual entry doesn't mention them.
>This looks like an accidental omission.

Want a patch? I'll make one.

I'd like to include the syntactic distinction required, along the lines 
of "socket paths are identified by having a leading slash". I'll check 
that that's what the code does :-) _If_ that's the criterion, I'll also 
offer a patch supporting a leading "./" as well, as it seem very 
desirable to me to be able to make the sockets relative to the users' 
home directories.

Cameron Simpson <cs at>

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