OpenBSD+OpenSSH_8.2: rc_check/reload/stop fail

Damien Miller djm at
Mon Feb 17 08:58:59 AEDT 2020

On Sun, 16 Feb 2020, Matthias wrote:

> With version 8.2 on OpenBSD, in order to get rc_check/reload/stop
> working again, I needed to remove the '-x' option from the corresponding
> functions in /etc/rc.d/sshd:

BTW if you're running openssh-8.2 on OpenBSD <=6.6 in order to get
FIDO/U2F support, you'll also probably want to import lib/libcbor and
lib/libfido2 from -current, and *not* apply openbsd66_8.2.patch after
extracting openssh-8.2.tar.gz.


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