sshd crashes

shiva kumar shivakumar2696 at
Mon Feb 17 17:07:53 AEDT 2020

sshd crashes at below location.
After compilation, when I start sshd it crashes in “sshbuf-misc.c” file
inside “sshbuf_b64tod” function at line size_t plen = strlen(b64);

The call trace is as below,
Sshd main function -> sshkey_load_public -> sshkey_try_load_public ->
sshkey_read -> sshbuf_b64tod

During compilation a warning is thrown. Is this the trigger point for the
"sshkey.c", : warning #2223-D: function "strndup" declared implicitly
        if ((blobcopy = strndup(cp, space)) == NULL)

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thank you.

*With Best Regards*
*Shivakumar S*

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