Keeping or stopping TCP forwardings when the foreground process quits?

Philipp Marek philipp at
Tue Sep 7 19:06:27 AEST 2021


In my ~/.ssh/config I've got a few hosts with

	ControlMaster auto

(for performance reasons, they're higher latency and
cutting down reconnect time helps a lot).

Now I started a TCP delay via the usual

	ssh user at host -L port:IP:port

and when I no longer needed it, I quit the interactive shell.

But the TCP forwards still worked - of course,
as the ControlMaster process was still active!

What I'd like to ask/discuss is -- perhaps the TCP forwarding should
(optionally, by default) be bound to the interactive SSH process -
and when that one quits, the forwarding is stopped?

(When running with -f, SSH runs in the background anyway.)

Or is that a bad idea?

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