Non-shell accounts and scp/sftp

Rory Campbell-Lange rory at
Sat Dec 9 02:53:26 AEDT 2023

On 07/12/23, Philip Prindeville (philipp_subx at wrote:
> We have a CLI that certain users get dropped into when they log in.  One of the things they can go is generate certificates (actually .p12 key/certificate bundles) that they will then scp out of the box from another host.

Off topic, and assuming the .p12 bundles need to be post-processed by clients for use by ssh, might it not be worth considering an ssh certificate signing authority?

I've made the proof-of-concept noted below, which adds certificates to forwarded agents. It doesn't need shell accounts, but prsently requires ssh public keys to be added to a yaml file:


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