9.6p1 test suite help

Jack Hill jackhill at jackhill.us
Thu Dec 21 16:38:58 AEDT 2023

On Thu, 21 Dec 2023, Darren Tucker wrote:

> On Thu, 21 Dec 2023 at 15:52, Jack Hill <jackhill at jackhill.us> wrote:
> [...]
>> /tmp/guix-build-openssh-9.6p1.drv-0/openssh-9.6p1/regress/ssh-rsa already exists.
>> Overwrite (y/n)? ssh-keygen for ssh-rsa failed
> The regression tests do this to regenerate the keys if either the
> keygen binary has changed:
> for t in ${SSH_KEYTYPES}; do
>        # generate user key
>        if [ ! -f $OBJ/$t ] || [ ${SSHKEYGEN_BIN} -nt $OBJ/$t ]; then
>                trace "generating key type $t"
>                rm -f $OBJ/$t
>                ${SSHKEYGEN} -q -N '' -t $t  -f $OBJ/$t ||\
>                        fail "ssh-keygen for $t failed"
> Given that the first couple of key types succeeded, my guess is that
> you're running the tests with "make -j2" or higher and the two
> instances of test-exec.sh are racing each other.  That generally won't
> work (there's a subset of tests that could be run in parallel,
> generally the ones with no side effects, but we don't currently
> support that).

Indeed, it was. Thanks for pointing that out. We should hopefully have the 
new release in Guix soon*.


* https://issues.guix.gnu.org/67948

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