Call for testing: OpenSSH 9.7

The Doctor doctor at
Thu Mar 7 13:38:46 AEDT 2024

On Thu, Mar 07, 2024 at 01:19:36PM +1100, Darren Tucker wrote:
> On Thu, 7 Mar 2024 at 12:00, The Doctor <doctor at> wrote:
> > On Thu, Mar 07, 2024 at 09:58:38AM +1100, Darren Tucker wrote:
> [...]
> > > Please try this patch.  Note that you will need to run "autoreconf" to
> > > rebuild configure before rerunning it.
> [...]
> > In which test release can this be made available?
> It has not been committed and is not currently in any test release or
> snapshot.  We're trying to confirm it does in fact fix what you have
> observed.  You will need to apply the patch yourself to a snapshot or
> git HEAD and run "autoreconf" to rebuild configure, then run
> ./configure with your options.

Tried it and got

checking for openssl... /usr/bin/openssl
checking for openssl/opensslv.h... yes
checking OpenSSL header version... 30200020 (OpenSSL 3.2.2-dev )
checking for OpenSSL_version... yes
checking for OpenSSL_version_num... yes
checking OpenSSL library version... 300000e0 (OpenSSL 3.0.14-dev )
checking whether OpenSSL's headers match the library... no
configure: error: Your OpenSSL headers do not match your
	library. Check config.log for details.
		If you are sure your installation is consistent, you can disable the check
			by running "./configure --without-openssl-header-check".
				Also see contrib/ for help identifying header/library mismatches.

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