Call for testing: OpenSSH 9.7

Roumen Petrov openssh at
Thu Mar 7 18:11:25 AEDT 2024

The Doctor wrote:
> []
> This is odd.
> /usr/local/bin/openssl version -a
> /usr/lib/ version OPENSSL_3.2.0 required by /usr/local/bin/openssl not found
RUNPATH (new) vs RPATH (classical)

> It should be reference /usr/local/lib/

If I remember well with new model enabled indirect dependent library is searched in system default library search path.

a) build OpenSSL with rpath. Remarks: by default openssl build is new model. Also some compilers by default support new model.
b) some Linux-es does to include /usr/local/lib to library search path.

I use a) as each builds from each project are installed in separate directory. Note b) is default on my systems.


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