Call for testing: OpenSSH 9.7

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Sat Mar 9 07:41:24 AEDT 2024

On Sat, 9 Mar 2024 at 04:32, The Doctor <doctor at> wrote:
> This is what I ususally seeing on FreeBSD.
> Running FreeBSD 14.0-p5
> run test ...
> conch ciphers: cipher aes256-ctr

Do you actually have Conch installed and if so what version?

There should be some failed-{ssh,sshd}.log files in regress
corresponding to the failed tests.  You can also run

make t-exec LTESTS=conch-ciphers TEST_SSH_FAIL_FATAL=yes

to run just that test, and stop immediately after the first failure,
which will keep the log volume down and might make it a bit easier to
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