PrivateKeyCommand config idea

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Tue Mar 12 08:15:40 AEDT 2024

Hey Damien,

> Would you be able to do this using the ssh-agent protocol? It's
> relatively easy to make custom agent implentations for special use
> cases, e.g. using

Hmm, okay, I just realized the protocol has a full specification at Would it be possible to get that protocol added to the list of manuals which typically get installed with the OpenSSH package?

Previously I was stumbling around in the dark based on what I can see in the manpages and stackexchange. With the protocol, I can see how I might be able to end up with something close to my requirements.

As Bernd said, there could be other uses for a new config like the one I requested. However, if I can get what I want from existing methods, then I probably wouldn't continue trying to implement something else :)

Thanks for your time!

~ Tim

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