[flashboot] Changes are now in the CVS

Rickard Dahlstrand rd at tilde.se
Mon Sep 4 22:56:30 EST 2006

The additions that where made during the last couple of week are now in
the CVS thanks to the help of Jakob and others. Please help us by
testing and proving feedback on these changes.

Here are a complete list of the damage:

 - (jakob) Add simple package extraction framework from Rickard
 - (jakob) More README from Rickard

 - (jakob) Create rndc.key if needed
 - (jakob) Add 20MB and 25MB disktabs
 - (jakob) More SUDO tweeks
 - (jakob) Large (25MB) kernel build script and list from Rickard

 - (jakob) Add sasyncd(8)
 - (jakob) Add rw/ro scripts (for easy flash remounting) from Rickard

 - (jakob) Add watchdogd(8)
 - (jakob) Fix ipsecctl startup
 - (jakob) Add hostapd and ospfd to startup

 - (jakob) Add ral(4) firmware to list (commented out)
 - (jakob) Do not require rc.{init,more} to be executable
 - (jakob) New build scripts from Rickard Dahlstrand


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