[flashboot] Updated patch

Rickard Dahlstrand rd at tilde.se
Tue Sep 5 18:52:29 EST 2006

Massimo Lusetti wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-09-01 at 11:48 +0200, Rickard Dahlstrand wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> On popular request here are some updated diffs with bugfixes and
>> cleanups, the ro/rw-scripts are committed and blink got scraped. Please
>> test and comment.
> ./build-largekernel.sh GENRIC-RD produce a kernel which doesn't boot, it
> stops loading the 'second stage' during the boot phase even before 
> starting to outputting the result of the boot process (dmesg).
> The result is the box continuisly rebooting while uncompressing/loading
> the kernel.
A uncompressed generic kernel on 3.9 seems to be over the 32 mb limit,
try moving down to the 20 mb ramdisk. Have a look in the
build.largekernel file on how to modify it and give us a report on what
your progress are.

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