[flashboot] Does the "TODO" still apply? - Problem with kernel > 16 Mb?

Johan Ryberg johan at securit.se
Sun Oct 9 22:25:00 EST 2011


According to TODO:
load kernels as 16Mb
 - will avoid isadma problems
 - need to modify kernel and boot loader

Does any one has the status of this? I have not spent a single thought
about this during my work since all my test has worked and we are now
building a kernel that are 48 Mb in size and I have not found a single
downside yet and I have tested Flashboot on Soekris 4801, Virtual Box,
misc laptops and custom made computers. They all boot and works as

Maybe never versions of the boot loader that we are using today don't
have this limit and this TODO is some kind of forgotten note that just
should be deleted?

// Johan

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