[flashboot] Does the "TODO" still apply? - Problem with kernel > 16 Mb?

Rickard Dahlstrand rd at tilde.se
Mon Oct 10 17:08:05 EST 2011


I have never personally seen this issue, at that time it was uncommon, and now it might not even be an issue any more. I assume that if anyone has an issue with some HW, they will let us know.


9 okt 2011 kl. 13.25 skrev Johan Ryberg:

> Hi.
> According to TODO:
> [snip]
> load kernels as 16Mb
> - will avoid isadma problems
> - need to modify kernel and boot loader
> [/snip]
> Does any one has the status of this? I have not spent a single thought
> about this during my work since all my test has worked and we are now
> building a kernel that are 48 Mb in size and I have not found a single
> downside yet and I have tested Flashboot on Soekris 4801, Virtual Box,
> misc laptops and custom made computers. They all boot and works as
> expected.
> Maybe never versions of the boot loader that we are using today don't
> have this limit and this TODO is some kind of forgotten note that just
> should be deleted?
> // Johan
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