[netflow-tools] ANNOUNCE: softflowd-0.9.8 released

Damien Miller djm at mindrot.org
Thu Nov 2 18:14:42 EST 2006


After a year of slow tweaking and bugfixing, I'm happy to announce the
release of softflowd 0.9.8. The release is available from:


New features

- Added "send-template" softflowctl command to resend a NetFlow 9
  template record immediately (handy if you restart your flow

- Softflowd will now encode ICMP type and code into the flow datagram's
  source/destination ports, similar to some Cisco exporters. Work
  mostly by ssnodgra AT pheran.com

- Added an option to ignore port and/or protocol information when
  tracking flows, allowing flows from the same IP addresses to be
  automatically coalesced, saving CPU load and export volume at the
  expense of flow detail

- Support Linux "cooked socket" datalink type, from Tony Lewis
  gnutered AT yahoo.com.au

- Report pcap stats in "softflowctl statistics" display

- There is now a RPM spec file, courtesy ssnodgra AT pheran.com


- Expire quiescent flows in a timely manner when they hit
  maximum_lifetime; bug noticed and patch tested by
  andreas.brillisauer AT hetzner.de

- Fix DLT_RAW support, from jhanna AT shaw.ca

- Fix installation when target directoris do not exist; spotted by
  alshu AT tut.by

- Additional paranoia and verbosity on malloc failures

- Type fixes from rbreathe AT brookes.ac.uk

- Fix time printing bug in debug mode

- Fix reversed NetFlow v.9 first_switched and last_switched times

- Fixed sequence number generation bugs. Reported by b.ghita AT
  jack.see.plymouth.ac.uk and mwlucas AT blackhelicopters.org

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs, contributed or tested patches and
answered questions on the mailing list. Apologies to anyone that I have

Damien Miller

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