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  I'm running Pfflowd on PFsense 2.0 RC3 
  I'm using PRTG to collect the flow data. I tried softflowd and it does not report correctly , it seems to count only a fraction of the actual usage using netflow V 9. 

  Pfflowd does seem to so far work correctly with PRTG except for the flow time outs. I get several flow time out errors concerning flows that have an expired time stamp. Below is the config from the pfflowd.sh file on my system. I have searched high and low for the man page that explains what options can be included at startup and found nothing. 
  I can assume -n is the IP and port that's a gimme ,and -s is where the data is sent from. -S any must be the direction of the flows to count and send. and V 9 is netflow version. 

  What can I add to this file to set the flow timeout to 5 minutes?

  /sbin/ifconfig pfsync0 up
  /usr/local/sbin/pfflowd  -n -s  -S any -v 9

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