[Bug 769] dh-group-exchange should be configurable off in client and server

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Mon Feb 2 23:01:10 EST 2004


------- Additional Comments From jacobn+mindrot at chiark.greenend.org.uk  2004-02-02 05:01 -------
Still haven't had a chance to try this patch, sorry...

While the speedups are welcome, and do a lot to address my original beef - 
thanks for them - no-one has yet discussed the issue as raised ("dh-group-
exchange should be configurable off in client and server" as recommended by the 
IETF documents).

What I'm really after is some sort of statement on the configurability issue - 
is OpenSSH actively against it (why?), or do you consider it a low-priority 
wishlist feature, or what?

I can change the title of this bug to cover just the performance improvements, 
and move this discussion to a new bug, if you want.

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