[Bug 769] dh-group-exchange should be configurable off in client and server

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Tue Feb 3 03:11:41 EST 2004


------- Additional Comments From mouring at eviladmin.org  2004-02-02 09:11 -------
> What I'm really after is some sort of statement on the 
> configurability issue - is OpenSSH actively against it (why?), 
> or do you consider it a low-priority wishlist feature, or what?

I'm actively against it.  The more options you give a user the more of a 
chance they will decide to use or not use it based on lack of, or bad,

Honestly, if you know a machine is underpowered and can't handle this
this then it is not hard to mv /etc/moduli /etc/moduli.dead, and be
done with it.  If it is going to be an issue for the sshd server running
on the old machine it will be an issue for the ssh client running on the
same machine.

- Ben

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