[Bug 1357] SOCKS proxy attempts fail to some servers due to DNS timeouts

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Tue Sep 4 12:06:28 EST 2007


--- Comment #4 from Damien Miller <djm at mindrot.org>  2007-09-04 12:06:24 ---
Your platform's resolver should "do the right thing" when
AddressFamily=any is in use, as this sets hints.ai_family to be
AF_UNSPEC which should be equivalent to not setting a hints (for the
common case at least). 

Perhaps your resolver is defaulting to IPv4-only lookups when no hints
is specified, but doing IPv6-then-IPv4 when hints.ai_family==AF_UNSPEC.
IMO this would be rather silly behaviour, but I have seen libc authors
do dumber things...

IIRC we need to fill out hints for either SRV RR or SCTP support, but
my memory is hazy.

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