[Bug 1357] SOCKS proxy attempts fail to some servers due to DNS timeouts

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Tue Sep 4 12:18:57 EST 2007


--- Comment #5 from Jamie Nicolson <sbbvai2hwkmh at jampee.com>  2007-09-04 12:18:54 ---
Wow, great research on the AAAA problem.

So it's pretty clear that the DNS server is misbehaving. My getaddrinfo
implementation (glibc 2.5 I think) is also doing something I don't
understand, which may be wrong. Maybe the behavior has changed in later
versions of getaddrinfo(). I'll try to explore that more.

Does this warrant a note in the FAQ or other documentation? Maybe it's
rare problem. "If you use SOCKS proxying with remote DNS lookup and
connections to some hosts timeout, and you don't need IPv6 support, try
setting 'AddressFamily inet' in your sshd config." Unfortunately many
users won't have access to their server's sshd config. Would changing
it on the client side would work?

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