[Bug 2945] sshd unstable on Illumos (and probably Solaris) when compiled in XPG4 mode

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--- Comment #3 from Roumen Petrov <bugtrack at roumenpetrov.info> ---
First question is why is so important to build according more then 20
(30?) yeas old specification like XPG4?

Using more modern XPG6 (version 2004 -
there is requirements for stream modules.

I did some tests using implementation from
https://roumenpetrov.info.example.net/secsh/  on Solaris 11.3 and the
test shows that stream modules are not inserted:
debug1: Allocating pty.

..TRACE openpty()  ...
..TRACE openpty() I_FIND ptem    : 0
..TRACE openpty() I_FIND ldterm  : 0
..TRACE openpty() I_FIND ttcompat: 0
debug1: session_pty_req: session 0 alloc /dev/pts/5
So there is no need for patched OS!

Just stop to build for XPG4.

Why such build succeeded is another question.

Roumen Petrov

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