[Bug 2945] sshd unstable on Illumos (and probably Solaris) when compiled in XPG4 mode

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Fri Dec 21 03:03:48 AEDT 2018


--- Comment #4 from andy at omniosce.org ---
This applies in Solaris to XPG4 and above, so XPG6 too. If the modules
are not being inserted, then the test code might have been built
without XPG4 or 6 - it depends on the how the compiler you are using is
configured but did you compile with std=C90 or above?

Look at `gcc -dumpspecs` for the startfile_arch section and if it
includes values-xpg4.o or values-xpg6.o then you are compiling to that
standard with the right flags, otherwise not.

This is from Solaris 11.3, gcc 7.3

%{ansi:values-Xc.o%s; :values-Xa.o%s}     

so to get an xpg6 build, you need at least -std=c99.

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