[Bug 131] Problems with sshd's compiled in default PATH.

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Sat Mar 2 08:30:46 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From mouring at eviladmin.org  2002-03-02 08:30 -------
His issue stems from two things.

1. portable may add a $PREFIX/bin if --with-default-path is not used
and $PREFIX != /usr

2. He seems to think that one can magicly detect we are doing a 'scp' and
handle it via some magic.  What he forgets is that END USERS also need
to be able to type 'scp' at the prompt to run the command.  So either we
add the path to an internal default path or to a 'commonly used' configuration
file (/etc/profile, /etc/ssh/enviroment, etc).

<shrug> That is my last 0.02c on the issue since it is pointless.

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