[Bug 132] connects to 1.2.2? vintage sshd sometimes gets "Server lies" about host key size off by 1 bit

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Sat Mar 2 08:45:02 EST 2002


------- Additional Comments From dwd at bell-labs.com  2002-03-02 08:44 -------
Since this is a normal case, I don't think the warning belongs
there in the client.  I have many users who have no control
over what the remote end is, and the warning will mess up their
scripts.  On the server side, it would be unacceptable to 
regenerate SSH1 host keys when I upgrade from old SSH to OpenSSH,
and some of those old keys are an odd size and the old SSH client
chokes on them if we don't round them up to an even number like
the old SSH server did.  Compat.c already simulates many old bugs
so I don't think one more would hurt.

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