Support for AIX native (.bff) packages: patch available

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Tue Mar 5 01:12:08 EST 2002

Hello All,
	I've finished the 3rd and hopefully last edition of my patch to add AIX
native (SMIT/installp installable lpp/bff) format package support, based
on Ben Lindstrom's Solaris

	This contains the following changes, relative to the previous patch:
* remove daemon (re)start from postinstall due to feedback from list
* adds a couple of sanity checks
* recode to use perl and handle setuid files correctly.
* add comments
* remove redirect on "make install" so it behaves more like

	This was tested and the resulting packages installed on AIX versions
4.2.1 and 4.3.3.

	I don't intend making any further changes unless they are due to
problems or suitability for inclusion in the main distribution. I'm also
interested in feedback (good or bad) from anyone who has tried this for

	The 8KB patch (against 3.0.2p1) can be had from either of:


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